Tuesday, August 28, 2007

IndivoHealth | Personally Controlled Health Record

IndivoHealth | Personally Controlled Health Record: " Indivo is a personally controlled health record system that enables patients to own complete, secure copies of their medical records. Indivo integrates health information across sites of care and over time. Indivo is built to public standards as an open-source application platform and is actively deployed in real-life settings.

Distinguishing Features of Indivo The Indivo personally controlled health record differs from other PHR efforts in important ways:

* Indivo places a strict emphasis on patient control and ownership of medical information and offers the detailed technical infrastructure to provide this control. Hence we use the term 'personally controlled health record' to describe Indivo.

* Indivo is an actual medical record, not a portal. (Portals, often provided by healthcare institutions, are windows through which patients can view, but not own or control, a portion of their health data stored at that institution.)

* Indivo stores fully detailed clinical encounter records, taken from either electronic systems, paper reports or patient entry. Indivo's XML-based storage allows for a flexible data model and Indivo developers are working closely with the HITSP process to ensure broad interoperability.

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