Saturday, April 21, 2007

Failed e-health vision costing $1.5 billion per annum

Failed e-health vision costing $1.5 billion per annum: "Australian Centre for Health Research, the report strongly supports the introduction of online information sharing and an e-health network to transform the health care sector. The report's author, Monash University professor, Michael Georgeff, said today providers operate in disconnected silos that hinder continuity of care.

'The business model we use in health is based on an industrial enterprise where the focus is often on the management of physical resources with very little attention to the management of knowledge,' he said.
'In business, high priority communications is handled electronically but in health care it is pen and paper delivered by hand. 'No less than 25 percent of all Australians suffer from a chronic illness and nearly every one of them would be better off with improved knowledge sharing and more effective management of patients.'"

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